A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore a small 3D environment, follow maps and uncover Buried Treasure.

Made in 2 weeks by Pēteris Masļenčenko for Wizard Jam 7: https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam-7

Additional Credits:

Shaders by Lindsey Reid: https://lindseyreidblog.wordpress.com/

Additional SFX by the following freesound.com users:





Update 27/06/18

Uploaded Mac and Linux versions. NOTE: these are untested!

Update 25/06/18

Added an option to disable the depth of field effect.


Buried Treasure WIN.zip 22 MB
Buried Treasure OSX.zip 26 MB
Buried Treasure LINUX.zip 28 MB


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I like it, a cute island abandoned island with a map and no people other than you. It was fun to try to solve, and the third person camera angle looked nice. I think i beat it.

The Linux version is only for 32bit, most people use 64bit :)

Think the correct export option for Unity is "Linux universal" which gives you both the 32bit and 64bit exectuable.

This game was adorable! It had such a childish and sweet atmosphere, the only problem for me was the music suddenly came on and then disappeared, wish it stayed on. 

didnt find the treasure :'(

A really nice experience, I liked the light music and the buried treasure was real good.

Very neat and chill!